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We have recently developed a very special type of packaging suitable for packing foods items like dry fruits, ghee, spices, jams, tea, coffee, milk powder, sweets, dry flowers, seeds, chocolates, candies, confectioneries, biscuits, mouth freshener, pan masala, soft drinks, juices, ketchup etc. This is a very attractive and unique type of packaging and has never been introduced in Indian market. It is a composite packaging with petjar and tin top. This packaging is air-tight and leak proof and helps in increasing the shelf life of the product packed inside it. The advantage of this packing is that printing can also be done on the jars / bottles to make them more attractive while maintaining the food product visibility. This jars and bottles are available from 100ml to 5000ml volume and neck size from 38mm to 120mm.

The advantages of the above packing are :

  • Air-tight
  • Un-breakable
  • Leak proof
  • Pilfer proof
  • Adultration free
  • Better shelf life
  • Better product visiblity
  • Printing can be done on jar while maintaining product visibility
  • This jars and bottles are available from 100ml to 5000ml volume.

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+91-22 26055089

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